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If you're short on time, let us know when we should expect to hear from you, & we can set aside relevant info for your call!

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A 2-Year Health Guarantee is available for all pups.  Click the link above to view or download our form.


I have puppies available in varying breeds & sizes throughout the year!  If you have questions about our current or upcoming litters submit a contact form below, or call anytime!

Pricing Information

Pricing varies according to mix and size, please contact me for more precise information!

Contact Info:


3009 Beaucoup Rd, Vergennes, IL 62994

One thing that is fundamental to dog ownership (and especially dog breeding) is acknowledging that a new pup isn't just that - but also a new member of your family. That being said, we take pride in being able to place our pups with fitting families and owners for over 20 years, and it has been accomplished through clear and detailed communication with our clients.  First-time dog owners (and any inquisitive future pup owners) are encouraged to reach out with your questions or concerns: we would love to hear from you!  

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